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Limited edition Egypt Art prints

We hope that you will look at these paintings with a seeing eye, for there is much more to them than meets the eye at first or even second glance. If you do study them with care you will undoubtedly receive the benefits they are intended to convey. Benefits which cannot be put into words, but which can enrich your understanding of Life on many different levels, leading to a deeper awareness of yourself and the world around you.

There is no shortage of ancient Egyptian art to be found on the Internet, from reproductions of wall paintings to modern artwork inspired by ancient Egyptian themes, at prices to suit all pockets. What sets our prints apart is that they are all original works of art—not copies of existing paintings from ancient Egypt. Moreover, our paintings of ancient Egyptian Life have been meticulously drawn in accordance with the strict Canon of Proportions in use during the 18th Dynasty and before.

About our prints

As we said on our homepage, only a limited number of these prints are still available from our original print-run of 200 produced in 2002, when this website was launched. When they are gone, they are gone! We have no plans to make further prints. Each print is a faithful reproduction of an original painting that reveals specific aspects of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Teachings. This is the first time such allegorical paintings have been produced since the last of the genuine Mystery Schools of old Egypt closed its doors more than 3,500 years ago. You can read more about the allegorical meaning of each painting by clicking the MORE INFO button below each print.

Each limited edition print costs £12.00 INCLUSIVE OF FREE DELIVERY in the UK (£16.00 if you live outside the UK but within the EU; £18.00 for the rest of the world). Buy all 12 prints for only £120 (£160 outside the UK but within the EU; £180.00 for the rest of the world) and save £24. Or save £32 if you live outside the UK but within the EU, or save £36 if you live in the USA, Canada or Australia.

Prints are printed on acid-free heavyweight art paper using non-fading printing inks which will retain their colour and vibrancy for many years under optimum conditions.

To order prints please write to the address on our homepage

ancient egyptian maiden and oryx

Ancient Egyptian Maiden and Oryx

ancient egyptian lady and mirror

Ancient Egyptian Lady and Mirror

ancient egyptian temple dancers

Ancient Egyptian Temple Dancers

ancient egyptian family

Ancient Egyptian Family

ancient egyptian vineyard

Ancient Egyptian Vineyard

ancient egyptian musicians

Ancient Egyptian Musicians

ancient egyptian lotus pool

Ancient Egyptian Lotus Pool

ancient egyptian flower seller

Ancient Egypt Flower Seller

ancient egyptian artist

Ancient Egyptian Artist

seated ancient egyptian god ra

Seated Ancient Egyptian God Ra

ancient egyptian god khephera

Ancient Egyptian God Khephera

ancient egyptian goddess isis

Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis

About the Artist

Some visitors have asked us for information about the artist who created these ancient Egyptian paintings. Their reply was:

"We would like our work to speak for itself and feel that personalities are unimportant. The Light of ancient Egypt is our muse and our source, and to her we render our thanks for the creation of these ancient Egyptian paintings. If our work inspires a deeper appreciation of the wonders of Creation and the love and goodness of God we shall be well content. Our aim is to convey the beauty, harmony and peace which we have gained from our life long study of ancient Egypt and her Mysteries."

Copyright — a word to the visitor

All the paintings reproduced on this website are the copyright of the Artist. Whilst we cannot prevent you from downloading them for your own personal enjoyment or educational use, we would hope that you will not do so for financial gain or to pass them off as your own work.