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Ancient Egyptian Vineyard

Allegorical meaning of this painting

In ancient Egypt wine was a synonym for both Truth and Wisdom. Horus was the 'True Vine' who came to gather in the harvest of the righteous on behalf of his Father, Osiris. The time of the grape harvest in Ancient Egypt coincided with the inundation, when the land was full of water and the folks were full of wine! This took place in the month 'Mesore' (Ancient Egyptian Mesu-Ra), around June/July in our calender. Mesu-Ra means 'children of Ra' in Egyptian, and it was this special class of 'souls' that Horus came to save. Previously they had been given water to drink, but with the coming of the Saviour, they received the Wine of Truth. Here we see one interpretation of the Biblical parable of turning water into wine. But there were many other interpretations of the symbol of wine that were imparted to students of the Mysteries in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Vineyard

ancient egyptian vineyard
The Ancient Egyptian Vineyard depicts two gardeners harvesting grapes in ancient Egypt. This picture has been lovingly hand-painted in gouache and watercolour. As we have touched on above, it is a completely original work of art which tells an allegorical story that can be read on many levels. We hope that you who read this will receive the peace and light it is intended to convey.

Egypt art print limited to 200 copies
Gouache and watercolour.
Size 210mm x 210mm. Print shown 38% actual size. Printed on acid-free semi-gloss paper using non-fading printing inks.

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