Light of Egypt — Ancient Egyptian Temple Dancers
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Ancient Egyptian Temple Dancers

Allegorical meaning of this painting

This deceptively simple picture of two Egyptian Temple Dancers from the 18th Dynasty has been lovingly hand-painted in gouache and watercolour. It is a completely original work of art that reveals some of the principles taught in the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt. Although the ancient Egyptians were as fond of dancing for pleasure as we are today, this painting depicts a movement in one of the sacred dances that were performed in the Temples of old Egypt. Such movements were carefully choreographed to convey specific information about the hidden Truths of Life which these sacred dances illustrated through the medium of sound and movement.

Only the Pharaoh and certain, select members of his court, together with the priests and priestesses of the Temple were ever permitted to witness these sacred performances. Later, some of these dances found their way into the Eleusinian Mysteries of Ancient Greece in a distorted form, for the real meaning of them was lost when Egypt went into decline at the end of the 18th Dynasty. It is in the hope that those who truly revere the Light of Egypt may be uplifted by this painting, that we have made it available as a fine art print.

Ancient Egyptian Temple Dancers

ancient egyptian temple dancers
Ancient Egyptian Temple Dancers depicts two maidens dancing. Such religious dances were intended to symbolically reveal specific aspects of the hidden Truths and Mysteries of Life. In this painting the dancers have formed the shape of a triangle surmounting a square with their limbs; an emblem which was of great importance in the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris.

Egypt art print limited to 200 copies
Gouache and watercolour.
Size 210mm x 210mm. Print shown 38% actual size. Printed on acid-free semi-gloss paper using non-fading printing inks.

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