Light of Egypt — Ancient Egyptian Lady and Mirror
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Ancient Egyptian Lady and Mirror

Allegorical meaning of this painting

Those who know something about the symbolic nature of Egyptian art, will discover a wealth of meaning concealed within this allegorical picture. Such details as the little girl and her pet monkey, the double square formed by the supports of the table, the items upon it, the ornamentation of the Lady's chair, the two lotus-crowned columns, and the door, are all symbols that, taken together, reveal the proper conditions for Spiritual meditation, and the means to attain initiation into the Mysteries. This interpretation may come as a surprise to some and seem far-fetched to those egyptologists who refuse to see further than the ends of their noses (if that far!), but it was in such seemingly 'simple' pictures of everyday life that the ancient Egyptian Sages concealed their knowledge and wisdom.

Ancient Egyptian Lady and Mirror

ancient egyptian lady and mirror
This picture of an Egyptian Noblewoman at her toilette during the 18th Dynasty has been lovingly hand-painted in gouache and watercolour. As we have said above, it is filled with symbolic detail that tells a perfect story which can be read on many different levels. Those who wish to learn more about sacred symbolism in Ancient Egyptian art will find much to interest them on our Symbolism page.

Egypt art print limited to 200 copies
Gouache and watercolour.
Size 210mm x 210mm. Print shown 38% actual size. Printed on acid-free semi-gloss paper using non-fading printing inks.

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