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Ancient Egyptian God RA

Allegorical meaning of this painting

RA is perhaps the best known but least understood of all the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. This is not surprising when we consider the length of time He was worshipped and the many changes and developments that took place in the religion of Egypt during those millennia. What we can say is that RA was one of the most ancient Gods who was worshipped in Heliopolis from the very earliest times as the representative of the Life and Light of the Sun in its various manifestations. Although this function was later merged with that of Amen-Ra and other Gods, Ra never lost His supremacy as the Head of the Solar Race, from which almost every Pharaoh claimed descent. The hidden meaning of this Solar Race formed an important part of the Teachings of the Mystery Schools of Egypt.

This completely original painting of the Egyptian God RA has been carefully crafted in coloured pencil and watercolour in accordance with the strict canon of proportions. in use during the 18th Dynasty and before. Often thought by many Egyptologists to be nothing more than a metrological grid which the Ancient Egyptian artists used to compose their paintings, the canon was actually a complex series of profound mathematical, geometrical and symbolical measures designed to reveal the Truths of Life. Each part of this painting reveals an aspect of those Truths in symbolical form. Symbols were the language of Truth from the very earliest times in Ancient Egypt and were later embodied in the Hieroglyphic script, or sacred langauage of the Gods.

Ancient Egyptian God RA

ancient egyptian god ra
The Ancient Egyptian God RA depicts the Egyptian God of the Sun holding the symbol of Life — the Ankh — in his right hand, and the 'Uas' sceptre of power in his left. RA was the father of Horus in one phase of the Egyptian Mythos and one of the most ancient of all the Egyptian Gods.

Egypt art print limited to 200 copies
Coloured pencil and watercolour.
Size 210mm x 305mm. Print shown 38% actual size.
Printed on heavyweight acid-free semi-gloss paper using non-fading printing inks.

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