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Ancient Egyptian God Khephera

Allegorical meaning of this painting

Khephera represented one of the the highest abstract principles of Creation and transformation. The name is derived from the Egyptian word Khepher, variously spelled 'kheper', 'Khepri, etc., which means to 'transform', 'transmute' and 'evolve'. In these three words we find the keys to the meaning of this emblem that was symbolized in the form of the humble scarab beetle rolling along his little ball of 'dung'

Now 'dung' may seem to be a rather indelicate object to symbolize the universe and all it contains, but it is not really so if we accept the concept that life feeds on life from the tiniest bacterium to the huge clouds of interstellar gas we can see in space that provide the raw materials for the birth of new galaxies without number. All material forms without exception are born, mature and die; to be reborn again in different forms. There is also an implied deeper meaning here; for it is through transformation and transmutation that the universe ultimately evolves into something higher and purer. Those of you who know something about the Mystery Teachings of ancient Egypt and other lands will understand that this process of transmutation is universal. We, ourselves, are not the same beings from one moment to the next. Even as you read this, you are changing, physically, mentally, and spiritually, though those changes may be so subtle that you are not consciously aware of them. Here we see the principle of Khephera at work, transforming, transmuting and evolving His creation until it is perfected.

Ancient Egyptian God Khephera

ancient egyptian god khephera
The Egyptian God Khephera depicts the ancient Egyptian sacred scarab beetle (Scarabaeus sacer) clasping the disc of the rising Sun in its claws. Khephera represented the highest abstract principle of Creation as the evolver and transformer of our Universe

Egypt art print limited to 200 copies
Coloured pencil and watercolour.
Size 210mm x 305mm. Print shown 38% actual size.
Printed on heavyweight acid-free semi-gloss paper using non-fading printing inks.

£12.00 INCLUSIVE OF FREE DELIVERY in the UK (£16.00 if you live outside the UK but within the EU; £18.00 for the rest of the world).

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