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Ancient Egyptian Art

Revealing the Truths and Mysteries of Life

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Ancient Egyptian art was intended to reveal the hidden Truths and mysteries of Life. That it still exerts such a strong appeal to us today is due to the hidden Wisdom which sustained the Egyptian civilization for so many millennia. We use the word 'hidden' deliberately. For the High Wisdom of ancient Egypt was carefully concealed—never written down in plain words.

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This hidden Wisdom embraced all that modern science has discovered about the material world, but in addition, it encompassed the hidden laws of Nature that science does not know, because material science continues to deny the Spiritual basis of Man and the Universe. Science knows, for instance, that certain colours produce certain psychological effects, and we all know not to wave a red rag at a bull! But science does not know why the colour red has this effect. Nor does it know why certain geometric forms please us and others disturb us, or why razor blades stay sharp in a model pyramid, as anyone can demonstrate for himself, and has been scientifically proven countless times. But the Artists of ancient Egypt did know, and the proof is in the many masterpieces they created that still enchant and puzzle us, even after thousands of years. We wonder how much will be left of our art three thousand years from now? Not much, you may say, and we can only pray that you are proved right!

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The ancient Egyptian Artist

ancient egyptian artist

The ancient Egyptian Artist had to study for more than 20 years in the Temple Schools of ancient Egypt. These studies included anatomy, geometry, mathematics, philosophy and astronomy. Not until he had thoroughly mastered these and many more subjects was he permitted to draw, paint and sculpt the sacred images of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. Such studies may be compared to several of our university courses rolled into one, and even after all that, the Master-artist as he then was, could only exclaim: "No limit may be set to art, neither is there any craftsman that is fully master of his craft", as we may read in the maxims of the Egyptian Sage, Ptahhotep. How different is this modesty to the vanity and conceit of so many of our modern artists! But then, the ancient Egyptian Artist was not concerned with 'social realism', 'personal style', 'utility' and all the other definitions of 'art' that we are familiar with today, but with the depiction of the Divine Truths of Life. As John Ruskin said: "All great art is the expression of man's delight in God's work, not his own." A sentiment with which the ancient Egyptian Artist would have been in full agreement.

From this it follows that the ancient Egyptian Artist was a scientist and philosopher in the best and highest sense of these words, who applied the laws he had learned in the service of his fellowmen and women, and raised up their thoughts through the medium of his art. We can also say he was a magician, since through his brush and paints, he revealed the great Truths and Mysteries of Life and Death in symbolic form. Truths which open up a higher reality and deeper understanding of the Mysteries of the Universe and our place within it. This, then, is the essential message of Ancient Egyptian art and of the High Wisdom of ancient Egypt.

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